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Palio dei normanni

Bed & Breakfast Giucalem

La Casa negli Orti
S.P. 15 / S.P 89a (Strada per la Villa del Casale)
94015 Piazza Armerina (En) - Sicily

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Palio dei normanni
The most important event is the Palio of the Norman ones, that has developed him since 12 to the 14 of August. The first day the big judge unthreads in procession for the streets of the city, bringing with itself a turned on lamp, that will deposit in the cathedral to the feet of the Banner of the Madonna of the Victoria, in sign of thankfulness and devotion toward the Madonna. The afternoon of August 13, young riders, noble and dames, stir in procession, every from her own district of affiliation, along the narrow and tortuous streets of ancient basalt of the historical center, among the warm embrace of the crowd, to reach the plan of the Cathedral, will make where free to the Count Roger and to her troops, assuring him fidelity and delivering him the keys of the City, to seal of their intents. They represents the historical districts of Piazza Armerina: Monti, Casalotto, Canali and Castellina. The following day to the field sporting S. Ippolito the representative riders the four districts of Piazza Armerina will give life to the so-called one "quintana", the folk part of the demonstration. The riders are challenged in tests of ability and dexterity, to whose overcoming is attributed a score. It wins, naturally, the team that totals more points. The awarding consists of submitting to the victorious riders, for one year, the famous banner represent S.Mary of the Victorys, that she will be preserved near the parish of the winning district.

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