Caltagirone (2)

36 km away from the b & b is located Caltagirone, 611 meters on a top of Erei that from the center of Sicily develop towards the southeast, both bind with Iblei.Benvenuti right here in the city of ceramics. The city covers the slopes at noon of that hill, having over time incorporated the San Giorgio hill to the east and then the adjacent St. Francis of Assisi who was connected in the sixteenth century by a magnificent bridge.

The city, which currently has about 39,000 inhabitants, is the second, after the capital, the province of Catania, which is 76 Km. In the street stock and 91 Km. By rail. Its ancient origin is proven by finds and numismatic and artistic documents that reveal it as one of many cities sicane or Sicilian or greek-Sicilian Even in the territory they have found Greek and Sicilian coins, in addition to the rich ceramic and metallic material that is located at the Archaeological Museum of Siracusa, the Civic Museums and the Museum of Ceramics in Caltagirone.

Monumental testimony of the remote human presence in the area, are the prehistoric necropolis of the Rock, the Mountain, Salvatorello, Pille and Sicilian-Greek inhabitants of S. Mauro, Altobrabdo, Casazze Plan and others.


S.P 15 / S.P. 89a
(way to the Villa del Casale)
94015 - Piazza Armerina (Enna - Sicily)
Tel: +39 0935 89801
Mobile: +39 328 6913923

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