Myths and Legends

At the center of Navonello districts, Braemi, Cucchiara, Rossignol, Scalisa, between Piazza Armerina and Barrafranca countries, it stands for over 754 meters high Monte Navone. Monte pyramid-shaped, according to some archaeological traces, is considered the place in ancient man-made. Its history is lost in the ancient time. Its summit, in particular, is rich in traces of settlements of different era, including the Greek one. Son of a wild and uncontaminated nature, Monte Navone was and is a real source of inspiration for legends and ancestral occult and folk stories. His silent fog that descends from the top during the winter days seem to bring with them all the weight of ancient centuries, wrapping the set up its verdant slopes. Suffice to say that right at the top it tells of a very mysterious treasure, called "seven kings", guarded by spirits. But the most common and famous legend is the one that tells of a ghost fair that every year take life from nothing.

At Piazza Armerina and Barrafranca it is said that when the Madonna Annunziata is celebrated on Monday in Monte Navone "is a party" and right from the treasure cave of the seven kings are heard cries and moans. Other variants want to recreate the show when Christmas (in Raddusa) falls on a Monday, or when, during the latter, celebrates Sant'Agata (Piazza Armerina). As regards the first variant, it is said that when Christmas fell, precisely, on Monday the ancient feasted on Monte Navone with a fair. In that large market there were goods of all kinds, animals of all kinds and so many people. A man seeing everything he marveled, and said it would be great if those people and those people had become gold. While saying this, the heavens were opened and they were turned into gold. The mountain is closed.   Since that time if anyone is to go to Monte Navone one Christmas celebrated on a Monday and not knowing the history and touched the mountain, the curse would be broken again making every man and beast again as he was, alive and well.  

Similar but different is the second variant. In this legend is the Feast of St Agatha to be taken into account. In fact, if a visitor, not knowing that in that Monday is celebrated the saint, it was to go to Monte Navone, would find itself surrounded by a festive fair. This can buy everything, everything they want and, after midnight, when we got home, everything would turn into pure gold.   It would seem all rosy but there is a sore point. The visitor after visiting the fair can certainly go home but on the way more than a voice call his name in the darkness and silence. He has the obligation not to turn around and never for any reason. Only home these rumors would vanish.  

If you turn around, all I managed to take to the fair would become null and spirits picchierebbero him brutally. This, according to some accounts, could also lead to death within a few days ahead of a visit to Monte Navone fair.   For the study we recommend the text of Professor Vittorio Malfa entitled Wizards, Witches and witchcraft in the heart of Sicily


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