Il Palio dei Normanni (2)

The most important event is the Palio of the Normans, which takes place 12-14 August. The first day the big judge parades in procession through the streets of the city, carrying a lighted lamp, which deposit in the cathedral at the foot of the Banner of Our Lady of Victories, a sign of gratitude and devotion toward the Madonna.

The afternoon of August 13, young knights, noblemen and women, move in procession, each from their parent district, along the narrow and winding streets of ancient basalt of the historical center, between the warm embrace of the crowd, to reach the floor of the Cathedral, where will pay homage to the Count Roger and his troops, assuring him fidelity and delivering him the keys to the City, to seal of their intent. They represent the historic districts of Piazza Armerina: Monti, Casalotto, Canali and Castellina.

The day to the field sporting S. Ippolito the representative riders the four districts of Piazza Armerina will give life to the so-called "quintana", the folk part of the event. The riders will compete in tests of skill and dexterity, the passing of which is assigned a score. Vince, of course, the team that scores the most points. The award consists of submitting to the victorious riders, for one year, the famous banner represent Maria SS. of Victories, which will be kept at the parish of the winning district.


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