Where we are

S.P 15 / S.P. 89a (road to the Villa del Casale)
Piazza Armerina, 94015 Enna, Sicily.
Mobile:+39 328 6913923
Telephone:+39 0935 89801
FAX:+39 0935 89801

E-mail: info@giucalem.com

Lat.37°23'08.94"Nord - Long.14°21'29.58" Est

How to get

Percorso in auto

From Catania: Click here to view the route

From Palermo: Click here to view the route

We strongly recommend that you always take the PIAZZA ARMERINA SUD exit to reach us. Exiting at PIAZZA ARMERINA NORD, in fact, you may receive incorrect information from the navigator who, in most cases, will suggest alternative routes that cannot be traveled on.


S.P 15 / S.P. 89a
(way to the Villa del Casale)
94015 - Piazza Armerina (Enna - Sicily)
Tel: +39 0935 89801
Mobile: +39 328 6913923
Mail: info@giucalem.com

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